Leave no stone unturned

Assault on Goblin Encampment

who needs darkvision when you have gupowder

Wulfgang is requested back to Blarek by the Brothers of the Seeking song to deal with a severe problem. He takes his leave from the party immediately and departs on a boat back to Mola Baena.

Nef points the party to the Horse Piss Inn, a run down tavern of lonely adventurers looking for groups, where they find Malavon. Malavon is a seeker of knowledge who has ties to the conjuration school of magic in Blarek. He is not affiliating himself with the Scribes of Dona or the Librarians of Asunduaei because his interests are in field work rather than being enclosed in a building all day.

Vaughn spends three days taking referee training while Jonas, Demetri, and Malavon secure horses and a wagon. They visit the Gnome’s Landing Inn but quickly discover the rumors about gnomes and their odd contraptions are true and they decide to stay stay elsewhere for the night.

Vaughn rejoins the party and they decide to return to Dona’s Pass and handle the goblin problems. They decide to work for Sithir’s Traveling Division, also known as the STD, and in the spirit of Sithir hold an auction to sell a one way escorted passage to Dona’s Pass. Vaughn attempts to persuade more people to come along but the crowd seems rather unimpressed. Regardless, a group from Kazier’s faction ends up paying 25 gold per person for the escort.

The trek to Dona’s Pass is uneventful and the party departs to the Dubratt Inn and find a group of dwarves leaving that evening for a camp set up by the Forn faction. It is located a few days southwest of Dona’s Pass and is a half day’s travel from a recently scouted goblin camp.

The dwarven camp welcomes all who share their natural hatred of goblins and encourage the party to come along a midnight sneak attack on the goblin camp. Everyone seems enthralled by Tegnus, a dwarf that wields a vicious looking greataxe that is probably more likely than anyone knows. Jonas makes friends with some dwarves working on massive artillery powered by gunpowder harvested by a nearby mine.

Casualties are high on both goblin and dwarf kind. During the encounter, it is revealed that the goblins have enslaved bugbears for slave labor but not every bugbear is complacent with the slave lifestyle. Several bugbears are released from their cages and ordered to assault the attackers but instead turn on their captors and assist in mauling the camp leader.

The party remains relatively unscathed throughout the encounter and manages to befriend the bugbears that the goblins had enslaved in cages. The Vaughn and Malavon convince the remaining six dwarves to allow the bugbears to return to the main camp not as prisoners but as possible allies because they know of the larger goblin encampments in the area.

On the walk back to the dwarf camp, the bugbears reveal that they have been bred by the goblins and their offspring are being raised as slave labor. The bugbears that resist the goblins are branded on the arm and caged unless they are used for work.

Seven days

1,500 xp
200 gold
Necklace of natural armor + 2
+ 1 Greatsword, goblin bane
+ 1 Longsword, shocking
Flawed Dark Blue Rhomboid (+ 2 competence bonus on Perception and Sense Motive and a – 1 penalty to initiative checks)
Cracked Mulberry Pentacle (+ 1 competence bonus on Bluff and Diplomacy checks)
Cracked Mossy Disk (+ 1 competence bonus on one knowledge skill)


I like the gems, very Diablo. Do weapons have to be made to hold them or can they just be attached to the weapon?

Assault on Goblin Encampment

The weapons must be crafted to fit and activate the gems.

Only the dwarves of the Forn faction have any experience in crafting such an item but they have had no success thus far. Keep an eye out for a one armed dwarf.

Assault on Goblin Encampment

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