Leave no stone unturned

Back at the Forn Faction camp

what's the difference between an orc and a goblin?

Three bugbear remain after the assault and after being fed rations are more than happy to tell their story.

We are very weary of traveling to the camp but your kindness has eased our nerves. We are familiar with the hatred that dwarves hold for goblins and bugbears as we have been used to attack them. The goblins use us as their slaves and peons sending us into the fray of battle knowing that we won’t return alive.

There are many more camps like ours where the goblins set up post. We all came from a much larger camp where the caged bugbear outnumber the free goblins. We will be more than happy to guide you there if you promise to free our brethren.

Us bugbear know very little of you newcomers but we have heard the goblins speak of you in a bad manner. They feel you’re imposing on their land and pushing them away from their plains. The bugbear know that they were not the first race on the plains and will not be the last. In fact, their land was taken from other creatures and they simply claimed it as their own.

The bugbear of this land are not vicious by nature but are being trained to be so. Ensure the safe release of our people and we will pledge our allegiance to you and help with the extermination of the goblin infestation of this land.

The goblins and hobgoblins are a plague on this land. Recently we’ve seen orcs from the north visiting the goblins during the night.

A new page in everyone’s Sithir’s Tome gives off a faint glow. A new entry is written.

Greetings Adventurers!

News from the plains! Polurn’s followers are sending in more frequent reports of an unknown disease. The clerics of Asir have been very busy trying to make an antitoxin while Polurn wishes to see an extract of the disease instead. The goblin attacks on Dona’s Pass have also increased in frequency and deadliness. The scribes are busier than normal and require more assistance. Rewards for taking care of the goblins have been increased.

Talden’s Post has secured passage to Dona’s Pass thanks to Sithir’s Traveling Division. STDs are now fully operational and plan to expand routes between Evelyn’s Grove and Dona’s Pass. The job board has been updated appropriately.

Some faction wars have started on the west edge of the plains between Lothor, Krazier, and Nethul. Travel at your own risk! All three faction are requesting healers to assist them. Narwel, the lesser Goddess of Edo and master of war, is rumored to be instigating the hostile activity in the area. Blarek will not be sponsoring this event but the rewards are much higher than normal.

Another group of adventurers has gone missing near the volcanic activity to the southwest. That means only one group has successfully returned from the area.

Specific jobs are cropping up all over and will no longer be posted on the master job board. Please refer to your individual Sithir’s Tome for the updates. All ongoing and major jobs will still be posted. For your current ranking, please return to the main hall in Port City Mola Anda. Ranks are constantly changing.

Good luck and happy hunting!



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