Leave no stone unturned

Bearly made it

Knott again.....

The party is summoned to Nef who takes on a different personality when in private. They are requested to privately take four crates of supplies to Lothor. The party enlists 8 bugbears from the previous adventure to assist them. Nef also wants the ledger from the dwarf encampment by any means necessary. This ledger contains information about Sithir’s trades; however, it seems more important than usual.

Everyone sells off the goblin goods from the last raid and Gillyn provides safe passage to the Lothor camp where they meet a typical paladin named Knott. Knott trades Demetri his armor in exchange for information regarding Sithir trading weapons to both Lothor and Nethul, both of which are currently fighting over the border between the plains and the swampland. Knott offers the party lucrative rewards if they promise to take any shipments intended to Nethul to the Lothor camp first.

On the ride back to Mola Anda without Gillyn, two undelivered crates are discovered with a packaging slip stating that it was intended for Lothor. A bear attacks the party in the middle of the night and based on the branding it appears Nethul and Krazier are aware of the party’s existence and that they gave Lothor supplies earlier that week.

The party rides west in hopes of finding someone from Nethul but Nethul’s scouts find them first. They are escorted to a camp filled with dark skinned halflings and the party dubs them “Blacklings”. The party makes the camp leader an offer of 20,000 gold for the two crates of undelivered goods and the leader says he will pay 25,000. The ledger in the crates had been written in dwarven and stated the crates’ value at around 90,000.

Not wanting to give up an opportunity, the camp leader offers the party a deal to deliver any future shipments to Lothor to Nehtul’s camps first so that they may be inspected. In exchange, the party will receive a pass through the borderlands between the plains and swamplands good for two weeks.

Also, during their escapades, a piece of meat and goblin leather armor had been reincarnated into a half-orc and bugbear; however, they each retain the mind of a cow.

Two weeks

1,800 xp
3,000 gold



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