Leave no stone unturned

Before you arrive...

From your GM

Your sponsor is in Mola Anda and wishes to meet with you. It will not be hard to find its location once you arrive.

They expect you to explore the local city and gain some preliminary knowledge about the area before meeting. Your best bet is to spend some time in the local bars and make friends with the guards.

Basic supplies will be given out once per group and anything beyond that will be up to you to find and purchase. Your sponsor will have another group visiting their headquarters at the time of your visit and they have some hints and tips before you depart.

Be sure to stop by Port City Mola Anda’s city hall to get your first reputation tattoo. It will also be the place to turn in any completed jobs.

Sponsor given supplies

  • Backpack, common
  • Bag, waterproof
  • Bedroll
  • Blanket
  • Flask, empty
  • Flint and steel
  • Food – drink, coffee
  • Food – rations, trail
  • Lamp, common
  • Oil – lamp
  • Rope, hemp, 50 ft
  • Whistle

Before we start play, have a secondary character in mind. There will be ways to obtain a Resurrection and it won’t be easy or always the best option. Events in the world will happen whether or not you attend. Combat will either be too easy or too rough to start to gauge the party’s strength as well as my skills at being a GM.

I’m going to be lazy and just award flat amounts of gold per kill. Any loot, such as actual gold pieces, weapons, animal skin, et cetera, will be counted as actual inventory. Be careful not to carry too much.

Good luck and have fun!



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