Leave no stone unturned

If it can be blown up, it will be blown up

and it wasn't my fault

Heldur, a rugged elderly dwarf from the north mountain pass, arrives at camp with three siege weapons: two light catapults and one cannon. The group tests the weapons out on an unsuspecting goblin camp and make quick work of them.

The assault on the main goblin camp starts with the assassination of the goblins in watchtowers. The cannon, manned by Jonas, shoots at the wooden wall surrounding the camp while the two catapults lob boulders blindly into the camp. Ogre roars are heard inside and followed by an ongoing fight.

Meanwhile, a band of dwarves and bugbear save the captive bugbear in cages and Heldur’s dwarves push down a wall on the other side of the goblin camp. The bugbear return to the fight and attack an ogre only to die to the collateral damage of a light catapult.

The ogres make short work of the goblins in sight and begin to attack Demetri’s catapult. Demetri lights a torch and throws it at the catapult’s ammo crate which kills the ogre as well as ten dwarves that were being used to operate the catapult. The massive explosion also damages Jonas’ cannon.

In the distance, Vaughn casts spark at his catapult’s ammo crate and sets off several barrels of alchemist fire. The initial damage is not enough to kill the dwarves used to operate Vaughn’s catapult; however, the fire landed in the cannon’s ammo wagon and cannon balls and scrap metal fly everywhere killing all but one of the dwarves in the area. The lone survivor is killed by Vaughn.

Sidil is the only dwarf to survive the explosions. One of the surviving ogres summons a death worm which attacks the closest living objects. Jonas sets off a flare to alert Heldur’s dwarves but the troop sent over are quickly destroyed by the death worm. The party runs from the fight and returns later to scout the area.

A ledger, written in dwarven, is found in the camp and proves that a faction of Sithir had sold weapons to Krazier and Nethul’s factions which in turn traded them to the goblins in exchange for launching assults on Lothor’s advancements in the plains. It makes sense that a god of commerce is willing to sell weaponry to anyone willing to buy and that Nethul and Krazier do not want to directly dirty their hands. The goblins made a prime subject to persuade to attack Lothor. This ledger explains why the goblins had pristine leather armor and weaponry which is contrary to their usual inventory.

Jonas makes a copy of the ledger and hands it over to the dwarves back at camp. Tegnus arrives a few days later bragging about how Heldur’s men had pushed the goblins into the main building and then collapsed it in on itself killing those trapped inside. Tegnus makes mention that the main building was finely constructed, too finely constructed for goblins, and it is likely that it was built for them by someone else. No one is quite sure why the ogres were there.

Heldur sent in over 200 of his own heavily armored men and will most likely not appear back at the camp since his work is done and his siege weapons are destroyed.

14 days

Ledger detailing goblin trades with Nethul and Krazier for Sithir weapons to attack Lothor
random goblin loot



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