Leave no stone unturned

Introduction and Dona's pass

we put goblin heads on a pike, it scares the other goblins

The party chooses to fly under the Sithir flag which represents the God of Commerce. Sithir maintains a neutral stance on travelers since there is coin to be made everywhere; one just has to look hard enough.

Sir Wulfgang Helstrom, Vaughn Tinglebeard, Demetri Slate, and Korvin arrive at Port City Mola Anda midday. Their first task was to stand in line to check in and seek their sponsor; however, Vaughn and Demetri decide to skirt the entire line and be served first.

Nef is Sithir’s main confidant and handles all newcomers to Mola Anda. The party finds him dealing with trades in the heart of Mola Anda and he tells them their first task is to find Gerrard, the mayor of Dona’s Pass, and retrieve Sithir’s Tome from him. Not wanting to wait, the party immediately departs on the two day travel to Dona’s Pass to the west. Nef barely has enough time to explain the job board and its relation to the contest to which the travelers are now enrolled.

The first night of camp, the party comes across a rogue band of goblins in the high grass and quickly executes them without question. Demetri takes the goblins’ heads and set them up on the side of the road.

During the second day, they come across a seemingly abandoned camp. The tents have sword marks through them and the group finds Elven bodies in the tents. They do not appear to be older than eight hours and the campfire still burns warm. The dead bodies are gathered in the center of the camp but the left hand of each Elf springs to life with its fingers propelling forth at great speed like a deformed spider. After the not so idle hands are defeated, each hand of the dead Elves is collected and added to the party loot. In an unusual case, the contest tattoos of the Elves are skinned off their bodies and also collected.

In the middle of the second night, a swarm of bats attacks the party without provocation. Hundreds of high pitched squeaks fill the air as they hungrily descend on the group with the intent to kill. It seems very unusual that a swarm of bats would attack randomly in the middle of the night. Most likely, their home cave was disturbed and they mindlessly attacked the nearest creatures. The weapons wielded by Wulfgang, Demetri, and Korvin were ineffective at harming the bats and while Vaughn played his instrument the notes struck forth in a shower of razor sharp crystalline shards. This harmed the swarm greatly as the others grabbed sticks from the fire and began swinging them at the bats.

The midnight bat disturbance did not distract the party as they continued their trek to Dona’s Pass. They arrive and visit the town hall to find Gerrard. He gives the party the tome that Nef requested and eventually hands them each a scroll that will return them to Mola Anda. This is all well and good but the party is concerned about the return trek to Dona’s Pass since it wasn’t the most pleasant trip across the plans between Mola Anda and Dona’s Pass. The party also learns of a common goblin problem but the mayor seems more concerned with his writings than directly dealing with the attacks.

Dona’s Pass has very little in the sense of permanent residential establishments and is instead cluttered with taverns, inns, scribing schools, and temporary camping locations throughout the city. The group visits the largest tavern in town and Demetri presents the skin of the tattooed Elf and earns free drinks for everyone. The group is intrigued by the local goblin problems and decides to strike at the heart of the issue rather than collect goblin heads and complete a job for the contest. Only one other group in the bar that had recently dealings with the goblins and explains that most of Dona’s Pass’s issues arise from the southern part of town and it is thought that the main goblin encampment is located to the southwest.

Even if the group were to handle the goblins, they do not have this “tattoo” everyone keeps asking about and the travel between Mola Anda and Dona’s Pass is still a problem. The same group that explained the goblin problems guesses that these travelers are new and explains the Brownhorse Travel System set up by a faction of Sithir. It travels night and day and can cut travel time down by a quarter; however, it is 5 gold per person or mount to use these services. Perhaps the group can coerce a discount since they also belong to the Sithir faction.

One of the adventuring party cannot read and returns to Gerrard to request a special scroll that does not require any reading to activate. Gerrad, although aloof, is familiar with individuals that are illiterate and hands him a special scroll to use.

The party uses the scroll and arrives at Sithir’s headquarters inside Mola Anda. There are other traveling factions of Sithir inside this large building that appears to be a safe rest house for everyone. Nef is outside and accepts the tome. He then explains the purpose of everyone’s tattoo is to keep track of the completed contest jobs. Wulfgang, Korvin, and Demetri get their tattoos while Vaughn heads to Mola Anda’s town hall and requests information about joining the contest referees.

He learns that the refs are unpaid and can travel with adventuring groups in order to obtain proof of completed quests. Referees must maintain the most neutrality and not interfere with what a group does but they also tend to be the last to die since even a single adventurer needs proof of his or her deeds. Refs are not allowed to participate in the contest after joining and Vaughn accepts their brand on his bare ass. It will take approximately three days to complete the training to become a ref.

Three days

1,000 xp
600 gold
Starting equipment from sponsor
Extra equipment personally bought
Bonded Scroll x4
Sithir’s Tome x3
Sithir’s Tome, Referee version x1


Bat country!

Introduction and Dona's pass

Where’s my fly swatter.
I like that we have these journals. Even when I have to cut out early I still get to know what happened.

Introduction and Dona's pass

I highly enjoy the GM only section =D

Introduction and Dona's pass

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