Established Cities

Port City Mola Anda
Mola Anda is the first landing spot and city established on the new land. It has become larger than Blarek itself; however, each faction has carved out its own section and expanded. This has made the city feel more like several smaller cities that share direct borders. The main city has imported many goods and services from Blarek and other cities using magical gateways designed by Sithir. The high amounts of magic, travel, arriving factions, and different races has raised tensions which caused Blarek to hire highly trained guards to keep peace throughout the main area. There are few things that cannot be found in Mola Anda.

Port City Mola Baena
The second port city was established after Mola Cenus. It was decided that the pirate attacks would make travel too dangerous in open water. Rather than risk a coastal port city again, Blarek created Mola Baena and mapped the ocean currents to take ships along coastlines until making a straight jump to the new continent’s coastline. Since the currents flow east to west, it has become near impossible to sail against them and travel mages have become the main transportation from Mola Anda back to Blarek and other mainland cities.

Port City Mola Cenus
Original city established by Blarek and Will for boats to leave for the new continent. Since the unveiling of the new land there have been numerous attacks by pirates in the Ortus Ocean. It is assumed these pirates previously excited on the coasts and in the ocean but have been kept secret by the Gods until the unveiling. Since the creation of Mola Baena, Mola Cenus has shrunk considerably in size and its ports have been shut down. Rumors have surfaced that it now home to refugees and rogues.

Dona’s Pass
One of the first expansions of Port City Mola Anda and for its age it is also the smallest. It serves as a waypoint for new adventurers but has recently come under constant goblin attack. The local inhabitants think the goblins believe they have a right to the land and everything built on it. However, no real communication has been established with the goblins so everything remains speculation.

Talden’s Post
Talden’s Post is named after Talden the Humble who explored the north mountain ridges. His expectations were to find land free of intelligent influence where he could meditate. The northern area has become difficult to explore and the native animals appear to be more ferocious than those found to the south. The post has become moderately populated since the rewards are much greater due to the increased danger. Talden left the post six months after its creation and has not been heard of since.

Evelyn’s Grove
Several druidic factions have created a flourishing city within the border of the southern forest. Followers of Tus’Alim cooperated with followers of Benikio to create an environment where animals, nature, and intelligent species can coexist in harmony. Several hundred inhabitants are still participating in the Mola Anda contest but are primarily concerned with the surrounding area and tend not to venture far from Evelyn’s Grove to complete their events. Recently, Sithir’s followers have been working with the druidic factions in order to establish connections with the native inhabitants. Most speculate that Sithir’s followers’ intentions are to sell goods to the natives in exchange for raw materials to sell back to Blarek and other mainland cities.

Established Cities

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