Listed below are the known factions and brief descriptions about their activity. These are the largest factions on the new continent; however, there are rumors of several mercenary groups forming under one banner.


Magical city of the Dromaria located on the west side of the mountain pass. Their factions tend to be better outfitted than the others due to the influence and money the city can donate.

Decades after its destruction, Pilien plans to set out and create new cities in its name. Previously experienced with massive demoralization and rebuilding, their factions are more militaristic and established than normal.

Ander Hall
No one is sure what their true interests are in exploring the new continent.

Will sits as the home of the infamous casino and is a favorite visitation spot of Sithir. The God of Commerce already has placed His personal interests in the hands of mortals in Mola Anda which led to the natural involvement of Will.


Library of Asundueai
Librarians of Asunduaei can be found all over the land collecting information from travelers. They tend to not be affiliated with any faction and try to remain as neutral as possible in the political games of the continent. The prospect of knowledge is greater than gaining land.

Scribes of Dona
Dona’s scribes are very similar to the Librarians of Asunduaei. Unlike the librarians, the scribes are best found within Dona’s Pass compiling their new information and preparing it for archiving.

Gnome’s Landing
Where there is a place with lackluster travel, there is an opportunity for Gnome’s Landing. Magical travel is severely limited and has caused Gnome’s Landing and its affiliates to create new methods of quick transportation across the land. The success rate tends to be lower than normal but every adventurer assumes a risk when using anything Gnome made.


Abjurations are protective spells and are in high demand across the land. Their best spells are reserved for their own factions and purposes.

The school of conjuration was slighted when they realized that transportation magic was limited in the new continent. To a certain degree, the mages that specialized in extraplanar summoning were also slighted but they still have experimentation to work with. The current experiment is to house individuals in a plane and then use summoning magic similar to summoning outsiders to call the creatures to them. The subschool of creation is especially intrigued with the new continent to see what Gromath has conjured up. Healers are in constant demand.

Divination enable the uncovering of secrets, predicting the future, finding hidden things, and foiling deceptive spells. Quite possibly busier than the healers, mages that dabble in divination are expanding their factions all over the lands, seas, and air to explore the forgotten cultures and dig up ancient artifacts. Some divination experts have taken a nature friendly attitude and preserve the world around them while others will stop at nothing to uncover the history of the land.

Enchanters affect the minds of others and influence or control their behavior. More often than not, the enchanters that land in Mola Anda seek to serve their own intentions first by using the physical and mental strength of others. The charmers tend to live longer than those who like to serve commands.

Evocation spells manipulate magical energy to create their desired effect. Simply put, they are the brute force powerhouses of the schools. From destroying land to dealing with vicious natives, the masters of evocation have had no issues finding their roles in the new land.

Illusions are made to deceive the senses or minds of others. Similar to their enchanting brethren, masters of illusion are not frequently found or useful when exploring the new land. It has been found that not every native to the land is susceptible to being enchanted or tricked into believing in something that is not really there. In the same sense, it has been hard to present the thought of new Gods and Goddesses to the natives.

Necromancy specializes in the manipulation of death, unlife, and the life force. Originally thought to be as useful as the enchanters and illusionists, the necromancers have found their niche in the swamplands and have become more and more popular in the surrounding area.

Transmutation masters enjoy changing the properties of some creature, thing, or condition. Naturally, they are always finding their uses by making the environments able to be handled by the travelers.

Commonly known as the default school, it is available to anyone that has a knack for magic. The spells known universally are not very plentiful but are rarely duplicated by any other school; therefore, they tend to have a specific calling that cannot be satisfied by anyone else.


Each race has appeared to sponsor at least one group on the new continent. No word has been heard of Ania’s participation or lack thereof.

Goddesses and Gods
Each Goddess and God is sponsoring several groups in order to carry out their ideals on the new land. Their direct intervention with the moral races has been discouraged by Gromath but is not unheard of.

Mercenaries and Unaffiliated
Those with enough money, or willing to work for it, can be found sponsoring themselves.


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