Most gems in the plains have been found and the area is stripped clean. The most gems are found in the volcanic region because of the high level of wild magic and the rarity of the returning travelers from the area.

The largest supply of gems comes from Phil, a master craftsman who specializes in socket items. He has the support of the Mage Council of Blarek as well as the locals in Mola Anda. His motto is, “If you can dream of it, I can sell it.”

Phil is always buying gems but never at full price. People are always free to trade among themselves but tend to avoid that since gems vary in strength and lifetime. Phil is the only person who has taken a deep interest in the gems and has discovered a way to determine a gem’s lifetime before its power expires.

Installing gems is not a difficult process in the hands of a skilled professional. Unskilled people are likely to break the gem and render it useless. A craft check with varying DC is required to install a gem.

Removing gems has proven to be impossible. Occasionally, they break and lose their power and other times they simply cease to function. It is rumored that the magic in the gems tends to bind itself to the first available host.


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