Gods and Goddesses


Neutral Good


Neutral Evil


God of the moon and night
Krazier has found two areas of interest in the snow plains to the north and the swampland to the west. His followers are currently exploring the underground caverns on the northwest portion of the continent.

God of the sun and light
Followers of Lothor are preoccupied with the center plains and the southern desert. Their reasoning is twofold – it keeps them separated from the followers of Krazier and it serves their better interests to explore land that is well lit during the day.

Mighty God
God of the Embers
Curious by nature, the embers are looking for new strongholds in the mountain areas.

God of the Dwarves
Dwarves from all areas are curious if hints to their legacy are buried somewhere on the new continent. In the plains, there are also new crops which may lead to new research and development for stronger ale.

God of the Elves
For the first time in years, the Elves share a common interest with the Dwarves – to find information regarding their legacy on the land. Their legacy may lie within rumored ruins in the jungle and the more magical Elves may find ancient ruins in the unexplored magical areas. This may also provide insight into the history of the Elvenari.

Goddess of the Fey
Dipthi is forever curious in creating new magical means of making games and playing jokes on people. As well as taking interest in the new areas, the followers of Dipthi are enjoying Port City Mola Anda with all of its diverse races and constantly changing population.

God of travel
Not to be stymied by Gromath’s limitation of travel magic on the new continent, Temilian and his faction are busy crafting new ways of magical travel as well as securing paths between the emerging cities.

Goddess of knowledge
Dona’s followers may not be suited to win the contest of Blarek since they tend to be distracted by every small detail of the new land. Their main headquarters is inside Dona’s Pass and are always taking notes of every story each traveler brings them.

God of commerce
Possibly the most intrigued God, Sithir sees the new continent as a lucrative business proposition. His followers have attempted to cooperate with every faction and native on the continent.

God of blight
Lothor’s followers have pushed Nethul’s followers west from the plains and into the swampland. They have temporarily allied with Krazier to ease tensions in an unknown land.

Goddess of birth
The lush forests have attracted Vale as she wants to preserve the new species and actively protect those that appear to be in danger.

Goddess of agriculture
Forn has taken an interest in Daruun since both have found their interests in the plains studying the local crops. The challenging issue in the plains is understanding how the area can be suitable to farm on without any major river running through it.

God of the forest
Tus’Alim is naturally drawn to the forest area north of the jungle. He is naturally more neutral than Vale in his studies and exploration but has not been known to interfere with Vale’s ideals of preservation.

Goddess of wild animals
Another Goddess finds her home in the forest area and is working alongside Vale when She is studying the local wildlife. Much like Tus’Alim, she allows the cycle of life and death but will not interfere with Vale’s personal interests.

Goddess of healing and life
Asir’s followers are the busiest of any of the factions. Every group and emerging city has made requests for assistance due to unexpected conflicts with the natural occurrences of the continent.

Goddess of disease and death
Polurn has taken a more passive stance compared to Asir. She and her followers know that not everyone can be saved and are more than happy to wait for the consequences. Factions of Polurn can be found in the plains due to an unknown disease being spread in the area.

God/Goddess of balance
Edo has created several minor gods and goddesses in order to further the balance. Unlike the major Gods and Goddesses, Edo’s minor god and goddesses are seen personally interfering with mortal activities on the continent. Their current whereabouts are unknown but tend to appear where they are needed most.

Goddess of love
Minor Goddess of Edo.

God of hate
Minor God of Edo.

Goddess of peace
Minor Goddess of Edo.

Goddess of war
Minor Goddess of Edo.

God of the martial arts
Minor God of Edo.

God of the magical arts
Minor God of Edo.

Gods and Goddesses

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