Item Sockets and You

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Some items will have special sockets in them that are designed to hold special gems. The sockets will be clearly used for the gems but may not always be fully visible. For example, common sockets spaces on a greataxe are on the base of the hilt or grafted on the outside axehead; less visible spaces may be on a pair of bracers that are covered with cloth.

Available items to socket
Items with sockets must also occupy a space on the body. Magic Items on the Body

The size of gems range from the size of an orange to wrinkled prune.

Color has been found to dictate the power of the gem. Multi-color gems have not been found although new colors have been discovered.

Gems have been found all over the island in the wild. Natural forces forge the gems which results in more powerful gems being found in more dangerous lands.

Gems can be found in perfect, flawed, cracked, and broken conditions similar to ioun stones. Gems cannot be repaired.

Gem color and effects

Blue gems contain natural abilities and mimic feats. The user does not need to have the prerequisite feats in order to use the gem; however, she is not considered to actually have the prerequisites. Example: Spring Attack. User does not need the prerequisites of dexterity, base attack bonus, dodge, or mobility, is not considered to actually have those prerequisites, but may use spring attack as the feat describes it.

Born of pure power, these gems are rare and found in the volcanic regions. Some of the enhancement bonuses to the same stat are known to stack. Example: +2 enhancement bonus to strength. The bonus from multiple gems stack.

Yellow gems capture the knowledge of magic and grant skill bonuses. Example: +5 competence bonus on perception and sense motive checks.

Originally thought to be a new type of crystal, white gems offer unrelated bonuses to the user at undetermined times. Example: Add 5d8+10 temporary hit points. Activation is at the GMs discretion.

These gems are powerless but still give off magical auras. Since they no longer function, it is believed black gems were once of a different color but carried a curse, hence the black color, and only turn to black after a certain period of time. Example: Character must eat twice as much as normal.

Crafting items with sockets

Adding a socket to an item is just like adding a magical property to an item unless otherwise noted here. Magic Item Creation

Example: Belt of Incredible Dexterity + 2 base price is 2,000 gp. Belt of Incredible Dexterity +4 base price is 8,000 gp. Adding a socket is the difference between the two prices. (8000 – 2000 = 6,000 gp).

The creator’s level must be at least two times the enhancement bonus of the armor or weapon. Adding sockets to weapons and armor raises its effective enhancement bonus by one for each socket when determining base price.

Example: Longbow + 2 upgraded to Longbow +2 with a socket requires a minimum creator level of six. It is considered a Longbow with enhancement bonus equal to + 3.

Item Creation Feat Required: Craft Sockets.

Skill Used in Creation: Craft (sockets).

Item Sockets and You

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