Job Board

Each job is sponsored indirectly by Blarek for the contest. Along with the explicit rewards, the completion of any job in full or partial will reward the individuals with Mola Anda reputation. This is typically signified by a special tattoo inscribed on a visible body part. Those who are unable or unwilling to display marks on their body will be given a plain Ioun stone to display the marks instead. As reputation increases, the tattoo will change shape and color. Those found forging and illegally altering their tattoos will be dismissed from the contest and exiled from Mola Anda.

At the end of the contest, the group or individual with the most reputation will be granted the land rights to the entire continent with Blarek’s full support for one year. Gromath will also grant one favor per person. In the spirit of Gromath, Blarek holds neutrality as far as job postings are concerned.

Any questions and complete events/jobs are to be brought to the city hall of Mola Anda.

Name of the job
Direct sponsor of the job, able to answer more detailed questions. In the case of a God/Goddess, seek the faction, followers, or church.
Details about the job. More information can be found at Mola Anda city hall or by seeking the sponsor directly.
Reward: Special rewards from the sponsor in addition to Mola Anda reputation. Not all quests have special rewards.

Gather animals, but only the blue ones
Several species of animal in the volcanic region have turned to shades of blue and are more evasive than usual. Bring live specimens back to Mola Anda.
Reward: Depending on usefulness of animal – armor, exotic meat, new weapons, or general magic items.

There’s no place like home
Krazier and Nethul
Goblins had infested and destroyed one of our settlements. Help the rebuilding process and clear out any leftover goblins.
Reward: Goblin bane weapon enchantments.

Bump in the night
Steelhammer and Forn had an entire settlement of dwarves killed overnight north of Dona’s Pass. Lorthor is blaming Nethul while Nethul blames the ogres traveling south from the mountain passes. Settle this dispute.
Reward: Meeting with Blarek’s High Council to assist in job posting.

Disease in the plains
An unknown disease plagues the plains and anyone who travels off the path. It appears to not affect the natives. Bring a sample of what causes the disease.
Reward: Free potion of the extracted disease.

Defense against the orcs
Evelyn’s Grove
Orcs are constantly planning attacks on the grove. Help us stop them and keep nature pure.

Assault the grove
Gromm’s Orc faction
Evelyn’s Grove must be razed. It was built on top of an ancient burial site believed to be of orc descent.

Stop the harmful excavations
Evelyn’s Grove
Explorers are excavating ancient artifacts and harming the wilderness near our grove. Put an end to them!
Reward: New herbs and medicine.

Steelhammer Dwarf faction
Pick up a pick and get digging! If it looks ancient or important bring it to us.

Find lost adventurers
Talden’s Post
We have lost many adventuring teams to the snowy areas around Talden’s Post. Find them and bring them back alive if possible.

Info on magical hotspots east of volcanoes
Mage council of Blarek and Dipthi
Find out what causes magical mishaps. Extra rewards are given for getting magic to work normally.
Reward: Major wondrous items.

Disease in the plains
School of Abjuration
Reports of new diseases are coming from the plains. A rare species from the volcano lands is required to extract a cure.
Reward: Free potion to cure the disease.

Find something we can’t destroy
School of Evocation
We are looking for materials that can’t be destroyed by magical means. If it doesn’t blow up, you win a reward.

Reports of undead in swampland
School of Necromancy
Bring back the bodies of the undead creatures in the swampland.
Reward: Skeletal horses.

Gather animals
Gather new species of animals and plants. Please return them alive and in good condition.
Reward: Exotic food and possible rights to name new species.

Find farmland
The best farmland may be in the plains. The native inhabitants seem to be the most docile when compared to the others. Perhaps they can help.

Pranks, pranks, pranks
Help the Fey with practical jokes. Rewards are based on hilarity. Bonus rewards if done during a festival!

Learn a language
Learn one of the native languages and be able to teach it to the scholars.

Explore the land
Maps of the land are required. Please make them as detailed as possible. Extra rewards are given for establishing paths.

Secure mountain passes
The path to Talden’s Post is under constant assault by creatures unaffected by cold weather. Help fortify the mountain pass or find a new one.
Reward: Lots of ale and shiny gems.

Secure ocean path between Mola Anda and Mola Cenus
Find a way to secure passage between Mola Anda and Mola Cenus again.
Reward: High council position for the city of Mola Cenus and political support of Oliet to reestablish Mola Cenus as a prosperous city.

Clear the path
Sithir, Evelyn’s Grove
Secure passage for travelers between Dona’s Pass and Evelyn’s Grove.

Goblin problems
Dona’s Pass
Goblins are attacking travelers between Mola Anda and Dona’s Pass. Take care of them.
Reward: Free nights stay at a Dona’s Pass Inn.

Food and supplies
Talden’s Post
Bring food and general supplies to Talden’s Post. The city is in dire need of essentials until a trade route can be established.
Extra reputation with Mola Anda and free stay at Talden’s Post

Job Board

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